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Lutan Fyah
Bun Dem
5.9 €

Mauvaise Graine
10 €

Various Artists
Borderline Riddim
9.9 €
Side A : Movin' Ahead
Irie Ites 2009
CD Dancehall Roots

Tracklisting :
1-Jah Love

2-Movin' Ahead

3-A Wa Do Dem

4-Only Solution

5-Show Some Love

6-Gun Play

7-Mr Officer feat Chezidek

8-Life To Live

9-Need My Baby

10-The Way They're Living

11-Bless Me Jah

12-A So Dem Stay

13-You Always Deliver

14-Put Down Di Guns

15-False Pretenders feat Spectacular

16-Got To Be Strong
   10 €            

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